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Training Update

March 17, 2015

I have felt like I have had a rough few months in terms of training, and in all honesty I am not expecting anything spectacular at my next event (London Marathon), which is gutting and almost makes me want to defer my place!

BUT I don’t run for results or for anything other then the fact that I love it, so of course I will be doing it, and with a smile if I can manage!

The last few weeks have been hectic both at work and in my social life, making it difficult to fit in training- difficult but not impossible. I even had to go as far as using a precious holiday day off work just to fit in my 18 mile training run, (I went to Paris with my boyfriend instead of weekend training, I can’t really complain!)

Recently I officially joined the Serpentines running club, I am such a traitor to my City Of Hull Athletics club back home! But this now means I can attend their track sessions and 3 parks run which is conveniently a short walk away from my new flat, and also means someone is pushing me to finally start to incorporate some speed work into my training.. ugh!

I have just come home from a track session: 10 minutes at 10k pace (for me this is usually about 7:16 minute miles but tonight was 7:03), then 300meter reps at 3k pace with VERY short recovery jogs, finishing on another 10 mins at 10k pace! Last week I also ran to Primrose Hill for hill reps which I can’t wait to do again this week!

I am in London this weekend so will be doing a boring (any run thats not in yorkshire is boring!) 18 miles around richmond park area. In about 2 weeks I am in Tenerife for a good week of sunny training, so keep a watch for pool side blog posts!

Em x

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