Ways to be more mindful

October 11, 2017

Being ‘healthy’ is so much more than what you eat and what you do. In theory, I should the absolute picture of health… I am a long distance triathlete and I live in a home where even my dad is doing longer distances than I am (he’s well into his 50s). I am a Pilates coach (my boyfriend even owns a gym!), I am almost a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, so I have a good understanding (and huge passion) for nutrition.

I should be healthy, right?

If you keep up to date with my posts then you may know that years of consistent stress has finally caught up with me (you can read more about it here) and I am on a journey to better health – despite the fact that in theory, I should be queen of health!

As well as using nutrition and supplements (I will keep you up to date with what I am doing in my ‘Hormone Healing Series’ blog posts), I am doing a few more things to be more mindful, and reduce my stress, which is technically the route of all my issues.


I have a serious fetish for stationary so any excuse to buy a pretty new book and it’s going to happen. I recently bought a Gratitude Journal and I write daily about what and whom I am grateful for.

I feel like the exercise is therapeutic, it makes me feel calm, It gives me perspective of what is important and makes me more self-aware.

Mind-set is so important in reducing stress.

One to one yoga

I have never been a good yogi, I have always felt like I don’t have the patience. My mind works at a million miles an hour, and yoga isn’t about that.

Since realising I am not actually as healthy as I thought, I decided to see a yoga teacher privately. My new teacher has already taught me so much about how to heal my mind and body from such simple things.

I am currently learning about Ayurveda and what my Dosha is, and how to keep in in balance. Knowledge is power and I really feel like this new concept (to me) is already significant in helping me become more mindful and less stressed.

Being outside

I am outside A LOT, because I love to run and bike. That being said, I never go outside unless I am doing said activities. I am trying to take myself outside for more walks; I know that being outdoors is so good for the mind.


Not quite as spiritual as yoga, but still a really good practice to help become more mindful and less stressed.

Pilates is all about slowing things down and being in control – being mindful of what your body is doing.


I start everyday with an affirmation, and three things I want to be or feel (happy, energetic, etc).

Consistently repeating or thinking about your affirmation for the day helps to programme the mind into believing the stated concept. It really does help to keep me focused and motivated on good intentions.


Learning what makes you stressed. I have realised that most of my stress is anxiety related – worrying that I can’t fit in enough, that I’m not being productive, that I’m not going anywhere.

Each day I write a to-do list so that I have structure, and know what I want to achieve. I make sure that this is a blend of lifestyle and work.

I try to make my day hit some of the following goals: make me happy, be personally present and engaged to people or tasks, make progress on business goals, read something insightful or inspiring, help someone, and to make good food and exercise choices.

I would love to know any tips that you guys have!

Em x


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